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Domestic air Transport

Air freight products

Air transportation of products is based on airline regulations and provides cargo transportation services based on aircraft safety. Products mainly include: fruits and vegetables, electronic products, clothing, medicines, alcohol, cold chain and other general goods.

Express transportation

The flight is designated by the customer, and the port-to-port limited-time transportation service is provided. According to the different requirements of the customer, the limited-time service is 8 hours/16 hours arrival.

General shipment

Provide safe, fast, affordable and efficient 24-hour-36-hour air transportation services; we can do port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-port, and door-to-door services. Domestic air transportation integrates the air transportation sources of Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou to ensure that goods can leave and arrive at the port in time; business delivery covers the first-tier, second- and third-tier cities and regions across the country; professional customer personnel provide meticulous and detailed services for each customer 24 hours a day Thoughtful service; the advantages of fast, safe and convenient air transportation greatly shorten the cycle of goods operation, increase the speed of goods circulation, and reduce customer inventory risks.


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Company AddressRoom 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City
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