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Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA advantage

1. Specialization: We are familiar with Amazon FBA transportation requirements, know how to deal with problems in the transportation process, and reasonably avoid corresponding risks. We can provide assistance in foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other services, and smoothly and quickly send the goods to the Amazon warehouse.

2. High efficiency: We receive the order data, book the space in advance, arrange the space, enter the warehouse in time, and arrange the shipment. At the same time, we will complete the customs clearance procedures and schedule the delivery time in advance, and send it to the Amazon warehouse in the fastest time.

3. Value-added: From receiving the order to sending it to the Amazon warehouse, professional customer service will track the whole process, so that customers can feel at ease, rest assured, and worry-free. Provide overseas warehousing, processing returns, printing Amazon labels, labeling on behalf of customers and other services, allowing customers to enjoy high-value Amazon FBA delivery services

Amazon FBA

Provide all Amazon warehouse (FBA) to the warehouse service, optional sea, air, express direct to the FBA warehouse, for FBA warehouses all over the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, FBA warehouses, LCL are our strengths, and ensure the speed of customs clearance , Provide the most cost-effective delivery service.

FBA sea freight bulk cargo transportation by sea truck: sea freight + customs clearance + local truck delivery, LA transit customs clearance, low inspection rate, tariff payment, suitable for heavy and heavy cargo.

Haipai: Shipping + customs clearance + express delivery, LA transit customs clearance, low inspection rate.

Mason Clippers: China-US dedicated shipping line, with stable shipping schedule, has its own port in the United States, and will not be affected by the port congestion during the peak season.

FBA air dispatch: double tax package to the door, direct flight + UPS/FedEx delivery, the time limit is as fast as 5-6 working days.


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Company AddressRoom 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City
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