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Company Address:Room 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City

International Express

Huizhou HongZhi International Express Department is mainly engaged in the development and service of global international express business, and is committed to providing customers with safe, controllable and cost-effective international logistics solutions in the international express industry. Through the integration of aviation resources in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Huizhou and other airports and various forms of in-depth cooperation with the four major international express delivery companies, we have been serving import and export trading companies. The cooperative freight forwarders are all over the country and have a high reputation in the industry.

International Express Service

For international express, Hongzhi International has strong customs clearance and delivery capabilities in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, fast, safe and reliable. Generally, the original shipment information is exported and customs cleared, and the original sender information and invoice sender information will not be replaced.

International Service

As the world's express carrier and package delivery company, International Express has outlets around the world, such as American Express, Canada, etc., and it is also a leader in professional international import and export transportation and logistics services.


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Company AddressRoom 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City
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