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Company Address:Room 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City

Shipping FCL

Our company has been focusing on shipping routes for more than ten years. We aim to provide safer, more efficient, convenient and enthusiastic all-round shipping services for new and old customers all over the world. After years of hard work, Hongzhi has now become an integrated logistics service provider.

FCL service

Shipping companies such as WHL, OOCL, MSK, MSC, K-LINE, CMA, APL, EVERGREEN, ZIM have established long-term partnerships, and have strong shipping on routes in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, America, and Central and South America. Price advantage, is a reliable logistics company, to provide you with professional services and assistance.

Our company specializes in the transportation of cargo from China's import and export to various ports in the world, including the booking, stowage, and consolidation of seaborne import and export containers and bulk cargo. Implement one-stop transportation services from inland to port, such as cargo pickup, booking, warehousing, transit, container assembly and unpacking, customs declaration, inspection declaration, insurance, etc. Ports of some countries can provide “door to door” transportation of containers. The system network provides customers with one-time consignment and one-ticket international multimodal transport services for import and export goods. The route is complete, the schedule is frequent, and the freight rate is reasonable.

  Shipping supporting services

Our company gives full play to its professional customs declaration advantages to provide customers with a one-stop service of reserved empty containers, trailers, commodity inspections and customs declarations. Just tell your needs and leave the rest to us. You can keep track of the circulation of the goods at any time, and you can stay outside the cumbersome logistics links and better focus on the international market.


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Company AddressRoom 11, 24th Floor, Block 2, Phase II, Ganghui Xintiandi Commercial Plaza, 11 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City
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