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Research on Marketing Models and Strategies of Logistics Enterprises in my country

Issuing time:2020-08-15 18:10

In a sense, sales are logistics, and logistics are sales, and the two are in a relationship of mutual influence and mutual restriction. Efficient logistics services are an important means to ensure competitive advantage and differentiation. Only by fully understanding the inseparable relationship between marketing and logistics, and seeking ways to coordinate development to promote each other, can enterprises continue to introduce characteristic services in the competition and make enterprises invincible.

In the context of the accelerated development of economic globalization, modern logistics companies, whether state-owned, private or private, are faced with many challenges. In order to improve the efficiency of my country's logistics enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of my country's logistics enterprises in the international arena, Chinese modern logistics enterprises must strengthen their marketing awareness and implement correct product marketing strategies, promotion strategies, corporate brand strategies and other marketing strategies.

1. Product marketing model

The resources of any enterprise are limited. How to use limited resources to fully combine and provide services to customers is related to the success or failure of logistics enterprises. Through market segmentation, logistics companies can see the difference in logistics demand in each market segment, the extent to which logistics demand is met, and the logistics market competition. Targeting the unsatisfied market, and the part of the market where competitors have not entered or where there are few competitors, are objective market opportunities. Combining with the state of corporate resources, form and establish a target market suitable for its own development and growth, and use this as an objective Starting from the design of the corresponding marketing mix strategy, you can seize the competitive advantage, occupy a larger share of the market, and lay a good foundation for the next development.

In addition, from the perspective of product strategy, the life cycle of a logistics enterprise's product generally goes through an introduction period, a growth period, a maturity period and a decline period. After entering the maturity period, on the surface, the scale of the product is continuously expanding, which is the peak season for sales, but in fact, the profit of the enterprise is gradually decreasing. From a marketing perspective, the huge sales at this time mean that the market demand for this product has reached saturation. If only this product is produced, the company will begin to withdraw from the market gradually. At this time, companies must immediately introduce new products to the market, or widen or deepen the original product series, to offset the decline in profits caused by the decline in sales of such products. Successful companies are not the case. Sales personnel of logistics companies are most sensitive to the arrival of the maturity period, and this information should be promptly fed back to the marketing planning department. The planning department should develop new products according to the needs of customers to ensure the market share of logistics enterprises and increase the competitiveness of logistics enterprises.

The product strategy selection of logistics enterprises can cooperate with each other and adjust continuously, instead of sticking to an unchanging model. This is because market demand is changing faster and faster, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and product updates are becoming more frequent. Companies should actively use all methods and measures that help highlight product characteristics and establish product image.

2. Promotion and sales strategy

The promotion of logistics enterprises must meet the needs of consumers as the premise, stimulate customers' desire to buy, influence their consumption behavior, expand product sales, and carry out a series of promotional work such as publicity, persuasion, encouragement, and arousal. In logistics companies, personnel sales are the most direct way of sales. Exploratory strategies, targeted strategies and inductive strategies can be adopted. For logistics companies, personnel sales have special benefits: they discover their own problems in contact with potential buyers; they can face complex problems and continue to propose reasonable solutions; it is conducive to the development of long-term relationships with customers. This is very important in logistics service marketing.

Due to the professional and customized characteristics of logistics service products, personnel sales have an irreplaceable role in other marketing methods. At the same time, it also requires the use of team marketing in logistics product marketing. In addition, logistics enterprises can also initiate and organize various promotion meetings at the beginning of establishment or at other appropriate times, invite customers or potential customers to participate, launch their own products and services at the meetings, and sign deals with customers at the meetings. The successful promotion of logistics companies depends on the development of close long-term relationships with customers. Based on the idea of key customers, logistics companies must prevent the loss of key customers and increase exchanges and transactions with key customers. Furthermore, the selection, organization and motivation of sales personnel of logistics enterprises is also the key to the success or failure of business operations. Sales personnel must have professionalism, high professional quality, and strong communication skills with customers. This is also one of the conditions for successful sales of logistics enterprises. .

3. Strengthen brand strategy awareness

my country's logistics enterprises are in the initial stage of development, and many logistics enterprises have neglected the construction and operation of their own brand image in marketing. However, the rapid development of the domestic logistics industry has attracted foreign logistics brands to actively expand the Chinese market. Their advanced logistics management experience and mature brand strategy are extremely advantageous. The advantage of advanced logistics management is ultimately reflected in the influence of brand image. Brand is the embodiment of corporate development philosophy, corporate culture, strength, social trust, service quality and added value. Brands are increasingly influential in market resource integration and competition. In today's society, modern logistics companies must strengthen brand awareness and establish a correct brand concept.

Brand is a huge intangible asset of an enterprise, which can bring economic benefits and value-added economic resources to the enterprise. Brands are also a powerful competitive weapon in the international market. If domestic logistics companies want to be invincible in the competition with internationally renowned logistics brands, they must establish brand awareness. Brands also directly affect the loyalty of customers to enterprises. The competition in the domestic logistics market has entered a fierce stage. With the addition of more and more international logistics brands, consumers of logistics services are provided with more choices. Time brand is particularly important. When choosing a service provider, logistics service consumers will definitely give priority to well-known brand logistics companies to a certain extent.

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