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FBA head transportation cross-border logistics operation process knowledge

Issuing time:2020-08-15 16:50

We all understand that to send goods from domestic to foreign countries, the channels are nothing more than air, sea, express, dedicated lines and other ways to count the number of fingers. This method is used in cross-border e-commerce industry terminology: FBA head transportation.

Special line transportation in FBA transportation is one of the more popular methods of FBA first-way transportation. FBA special line refers to the transportation of goods to the airport, and the freight forwarder at the port of destination is responsible for customs clearance and delivery, linking transportation to several designated countries/regions. And customs clearance plus delivery.

The FBA special line process is roughly divided into: air transportation, customs clearance and delivery to the destination area.

Knowledge of cross-border logistics operations

One: first flight by air

Cargo arrives at the destination by air. It is important to note that the airports in mainland China generally prohibit cargo with batteries on the plane, while the magnetic cargo is allowed on the plane, which requires a magnetic inspection report at the airport. Therefore, the first flight of products with batteries will generally choose airlines in Hong Kong for export. In terms of timeliness, it has a lot to do with the choice of direct flights and diversions. The timeliness stability of direct flights is higher than that of diversions. In the second half of the peak season, the gap is significantly greater.

2: Destination customs clearance

Taking Canada as an example, customs clearance in Canada requires a customs clearance company and an importer with a trading company as the carrier to clear the goods. The customs clearance time is about 1-2 working days, and sometimes there may be temporary special conditions. The inspection, whether the mark of origin is marked, such as whether there is infringement, whether there is a corresponding qualification certificate for the goods, such as FCC certification, FDA certification, etc. Whether there is a mark of origin. When the customs clearance is completed, the following is the normal destination for transshipment.

Three: Destination transfer

After the goods arrive in a certain country, the destination delivery is basically divided into truck delivery and local express delivery such as FEDEX/UPS.

The advantages of truck delivery are: low cost and large loading capacity. The disadvantage is that you need to make an appointment with Amazon warehouse before delivery, the delivery time is relatively slow, and the POD receipt is also relatively slow to recover.

The advantage of express delivery is that as long as it is an officially recognized express company by Amazon, it is free of appointments, and the time is much faster. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

For the above three processes, if the seller operates on his own, one of the processes may be unfamiliar and cause unnecessary trouble, which may waste a lot of time, energy and money. At this time, if you choose cross-border e-commerce logistics services, you will save a lot of things by providing a one-stop solution from transportation, customs clearance, and delivery to the majority of sellers on the premise of ensuring the timeliness. Exactly, there is a specialization in the technical industry, and professional matters are left to professional people. The sellers only need to boldly and confidently deliver the goods to the service provider warehouse of your choice, and the service provider will complete the subsequent things. Save a lot of costs, save effort and time, so that you can better improve platform operations, create explosive models, and further commission sales.

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